PALIO OF NOALE – Historical Reenactment With Its Exclusive App

In 2024, the Palio of Noale will take place on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of June.

Palio di Noale Novalis Game

It is a historical reenactment of the games organized by the noble Tempesta family in 1339 and 1347.

Seven Noale districts – Bastia, Cerva, Drago, Gato, San Giorgio, San Giovanni, Sant’Urbano – compete in a relay race. Each district is represented by two runners, one male and one female. Each runner must complete the approximately 800-meter course, which winds through the fortress and the city center, twice. The district whose runner crosses the finish line first is declared the winner, while the last ones to finish will have their faces smeared with black.

Start of the race


The Noale Fortress sets the stage for three days of medieval-themed performances and ceremonies. Falconers, fire eaters, acrobats, jugglers, flag-wavers, and musicians will perform in the town squares.

The Palio in 2017

There will also be stalls offering handmade products and games from the era, engaging spectators in activities such as archery, writing with quill pens, crafting paper, medieval jousting, and much more. Of course, there will be an abundance of provisions to suit every taste, aiming to recreate typical products of the time.

Palio di Noale

One must also follow the ceremony of the ‘bala d’oro,’ featuring eighteen-year-old girls from Noale. According to ancient writings, these young women participated in a lottery drawing of wooden spheres. Only one of these spheres contained twelve gold ducats, which were bestowed upon the fortunate maiden.

NOVALIS GAME is the app approved by the Palio of Noale Association

A delightful game that recreates the district race on a modern device such as a smartphone. A clear contrast between the medieval reinterpretation of the Palio and our times, but all in all, it also creates a solid connection.

Palio di Noale Novalis Game

Novalis Game is the name of the game, it’s free, and you can download it from the Play Store.

Palio di Noale : Novalis Game screenshot
Novalis Game screenshot


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